Testimonials for Satish's teaching

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The workshop was comprehensive and touched upon both the science aspects (exposure control through aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings) and the artistic aspects (getting great compositions). It was also very interactive, with demonstrations, examples and field trip, with Satish providing detailed answers to student's queries, and step-by-step recipes to handle most situations. Something I couldn't have got spending hours with books. Highly recommended for all DSLR enthusiasts!

Sudesh Kamath, Workshop Student

I learnt more in this one-day workshop than all the advice offered to me by my friends who are themselves professional photographers. As publisher of an online magazine, it would be nice to incorporate some of my own images in the travel or business sections occasionally. My problem is sharpness. I have been taking photographs since I was a little girl, my composition is good but recently I have been doing some events where movement or natural back light from windows has been a problem and has blurred my photographs. Satish's workshop addressed all my issues in a clear, concise and methodical manner. I can now take good event photographs using the available light to my advantage without flash. The course represents excellent value and encapsulates all you need to produce beautiful digital images. It would be great if Satish would now do an advanced class. Fabulous Q & A session too, nothing left unaddressed!

Jane Salmon, Publisher, 45 Magazine Online, Workshop Student

I found the course to be very informative and comprehensive.A great course for beginners.My daughter attended the course with me and left very excited about photography.Julio Gonzalez, Workshop Student
I thoroughly enjoyed the course yesterday it was well organized, simple and fun too! I learned a great deal and feel well prepared to go have fun with my new camera. Thanks again.Herb Hunt, Workshop Student
I've been taking photos for years with a variety of cameras both film and digital. All the different features, buttons, and lenses confused me so I stuck to the path of least resistance and used "auto" mode for pictures. Recently I purchased a new digital SLR and felt ready to take more control over my pictures. This photography class was EXACTLY what I needed to jumpstart my understanding of photography. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to truly maximize their enjoyment of photography.

Manish Vyas, Workshop Student

I really enjoyed being in your class. The atmosphere in your class was interactive and conducive to a learning environment. At first, I was afraid that due to the fact that English is a second language for me, I would have difficulty understanding the technical things covered in the class, but was relieved that you explain them so simply and clearly. The demonstrations of your work was a pleasure to view and gave me confidence to let my imagination live while taking photos. I am very thankful and am going to recommend this class to my friends.

Rita Bernath, Workshop Student

Let me say that your 1 day digital photography class was most interesting and enjoyable. The lessons on composition were invaluable. Your photography class has given me the confidence and understanding to finally use more camera settings other than "Auto" and to really take quality pictures and not just snapshots!

Wray Herring, Workshop Student

The class was excellent and really learned a lot. The practical session in the park was great where I could practically test what I learned in the class. I am really excited to use those skills and will use the manual modes (A, S and M) going forward.

Ramakrishna, Workshop Student

Patience, understanding and encouraging are the words that come to mind during my attendance at one of Satish's workshop. I can see that he is very passionate about photography, the way he conducts his workshop. His explanations are presented in a way that all participants have a full understanding of the basics of photography. The field session was a blast and everyone felt less intimidated by their camera. I came away from the workshop feeling more confident with my photography and look forward to an advanced workshop.

Earl Collins, Workshop Student

I really liked this class - I understood major photography concepts without feeling overwhelmed. Really liked the 2 hour field trip at the end of the class. Nothing better than putting theory into practice.

Deepesh Chouhan, Workshop Student

Satish's one day course took away my fear of moving off the "Auto" settings and really making use of all the features my camera offers. The small group setting, Satish's willingness to answer all questions, and the hands-on training really helped.

Ciny Joy, Workshop Student

I was looking for an essential first stop for DSLR photography and I found Satish in the internet. His course was a great mix of theory and practical, outdoor session informal and fun. It’s been really inspiring and very useful. I feel more confident. I think I’ve gained more practical and useful knowledge about my DSLR camera than I did on reading user manuals! Thank you Satish, looking forward for more advanced courses from you.

Madhan Manoharan, Workshop Student

This course met my objectives and I now have a better understanding of my camera. I was confused about aperture and shutter speed but now I have a much better understanding of it all. I also learned what I needed to know about shooting RAW vs JPEG.

Laura Hesselgren, Burlingame, CA

This course explained photographic composition and camera settings very well. I now have a better understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Shi-Shi Guan, Castro Valley, CA

Satish does a great job going through all the basics of digital photography in an easy to understand manner that really translates into immediate improvements in picture taking quality. I liked the composition help with the pictures and learning about manual settings.

Kareen Nelson, Pleasanton, CA

This course met my objectives of an introductory course on basic digital photography. I learned the basics of how to get proper exposure of photos, as well as the technical components of DSLR photography. I appreciated most, the personal advice about photo composition and tips for post processing. Having real picture demos and photographic examples were also nice to get experience with.

Celeste Quinones, Milpitas, CA

Incredibly useful course. The focus is on having a good working understanding of the technical aspects of taking good photos. Like math, if you have a good foundation, you can go further. I am excited to start building on what I learned.

Arzou Ahsan, Oakland, CA

Satish presented the material in a very organized and well-thought out manner that would be effective for even beginning photographers. He emphasizes the critical areas until he and the class are comfortable with the understanding of the material. Highly recommend the class.

Debra Shannon, Menlo Park, CA

Having an expensive and good camera sitting in my cupboard for quite some time I took the first step by taking this class. I think it was a wonderful decision and as expressed by the previous testimonials it accomplished more than what I thought I could in a day, in a very casual way. There was good emphasis on the basics and post processing of pictures which could have immediate impact on a novice photographer like me.

Shreekanth Sampigethaya, San Jose, CA

I took your one day class a couple of months back and I have to say that you have opened my eyes to so much more possibilities with my camera.

Abha Nulkar, Sunnyvale, CA

When I signed up for your course I was interested in learning a little more about my camera and what some of the different settings mean. I came away with so much more. I now have an understanding of the manual settings on my camera. I can’t wait to try some of the lighting techniques and composition suggestions you showed the class. Thank you for showing me what I can do with f stops and aperture settings – they aren’t intimidating any more. I can’t wait to take photos with my newly learned techniques and knowledge. I will definitely recommend your Digital Photography Course to my friends.

Kathy Veglahn, San Jose, CA

This is a course that I would definitely encourage people to sign up for. The discussion was interactive and very informative. I'm pretty good at judging the composition of my pictures but soon realized (with Satish's help) that I can do even better. The hands on instruction on f Stops and Aperture settings with every person in the class, and their own individual cameras, was extremely helpful and very much appreciated.

Linda Johnson, San Jose, CA

This course met my objectives and more! Excellent presentation of materials in a very comprehensive way. Great hands-on experience. I enjoyed the field session the most. It was great getting the opportunity to apply our coursework. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family.

Lydia Hultquist, San Jose, CA
This course met my objectives. I wanted information to improve action shots and I feel I know what is needed to get the shots I want. The powerpoint presentation was a very useful take-away. What I liked most about the course was the customization, the field session (picture taking) to help with the camera features and the composition. Satish was right about how good light is required for great pictures. I wish we had agreed to go on the field session earlier to catch the good morning light.

Michelle Zell, San Jose, CA

The course exceeded my expectations. The instructions focused on the basics and questions were highly encouraged. I enjoyed asking questions about the technical aspects of digital photography. The explanation of aperture, shutter speed and ISO were clear. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Karen Fox, San Jose, CA

I mainly wanted to learn about composition since I am going on vacation to Italy. This course met my objectives.

Leilani Tsang, San Jose, CA

I liked having time with Satish. We were able to go over many questions. I like that he inspired us to look at viewing subjects in different manners. If I decide to do a refresher course, I would be interested in working with Satish again.

Kim, San Jose, CA